He was born on October 6, 1987 in Odessa in Ukraine. He is a licensed FIFA manager, businessman, professional dancer and certificated choreographer. He is a graduate of the University of Physical Education of the Olympic Reserve of Ukraine in the department of choreography and dance. He has the highest international class “S” dance in the Latin American and standard styles. He holds a Master degree in Management and Marketing. Besides that he graduated Warsaw Management University.

He started dancing at the age of eight. At the age of nine he won the title of Ukrainian Junior Champion in Latin-American and standard style. At the same time he combined dancing and football by training and playing at Odessa football school named SKA Odessa. When he was 15 he left his native Odessa to live in Germany where he developed his dance career with a partner from that country. He took the 1st place with his partner at the Vienna Open tournament and also he won the title of German Vice Champion in standard dances.

After moving to Poland he won the title of the Polish Youth Champion and also the Vice-Champion of Poland in the category of Adult Couples. He is a semi-finalist of the World Cup and a finalist of the Central European Championship and a two-time finalist of the European Union Championship. Dance is his great passion through which he expresses emotions and constantly improves his skills. He loves giving his knowledge about dance to others so he conducts dance classes and workshops and performs in public.

„Dancing with the Stars”:
– V – edition (with Katarzyna Cerekwicka, 4th place),
– VI – (with Isis Gee, 5th place),
– VII – (with Agnieszka Cegielska, 13th place).

He took part in the show called “Soapstar Superstar” taking 7th place in it in 2008. After eight years of break he returned to the show „Dancing with the Stars” in autumn 2016. This time the show was broadcast on Polsat. In the 6th edition he danced with the actress Karolina Gorczyca with whom he was eliminated in the second episode taking 10th place. In the 7th edition he danced with the actress Dominika Gwit.

He showed his acting talent in such productions as:
-”Egzamin z życia” jako Anatolij Romanow
-”Tylko miłość” jako Sasza
-”Niania” jako Michał
-”Kochaj i Tańcz”
-”Ojciec Mateusz”

Football has been Georgiy’s passion since his childhood. He has the license of football agent N-0105 issued by FIFA. He helps footballers and football clubs. He has high qualifications in this field and he claims that his biggest transfer and successes in the football industry are ahead of him.